Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cover Artist on Rubber Stamp Madness Summer 2013 Issue!!!

Whooo Hooo!!! It's here!! 

The main theme for the latest issue of Rubber Stamp Madness (Summer 2013) is Bugs and Blooms.  "Garden Symphony" my stamp art piece I submitted was chosen for the cover!! 

Ever since I started stamping, my all time favorite stamping magazine has been Rubber Stamp Madness.  I have kept every issue I have ever bought and often refer back to articles in the magazine
When I began stamping, I always thought it would be awesome to be able to have my stamp art on the cover.  As my stamp art evolved over the 10 or so years I have been stamping, several of my friends encouraged me to submit some of my work.  I did and it's a wonderful dream come true to be on RSM's cover.

The issue includes a two page article "Cover Artist - With a Song in Her Heart" wonderfully written by Sarah Hoban on pages 77 and 78.  It gives the details of how I created this piece, the names of the 35 stamps I used and some information about the artist - me.  It also shares another piece of my stamp art:
The Summer 2013 issue also shares another piece of my stamp art in the "Looking Ahead" article about submitting artwork for their upcoming issues on page 80.  This piece is for the theme "Black Cats" in the upcoming Fall 2013 issue.
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Debra Charlesworth said...

So nice to meet another paper blogger in the UP! I read about your blog in UP Second Wave. Congratulations on the cover article.

Crafting Queen said...

Wow, congratulations!!! Your work is stunning.

Sandra said...

Hi Susan,
I've had my RSM with me during the whole week. So I read it and read it again. Congratulations ! I love your cover, it is really amazing. And so are your inside artworks :)

Kathi said...

Your cover, other artwork, and the article about you and your work are all wonderful.

I bragged that I "knew" you to my husband!

Congratulations for attaining a dream. You deserve it because your work is always wonderful.

yawningreyhound said...

Hi there, just getting caught up on reading and am enjoying this cover so much! I'm a "bugs with character" collector, so I was totally enamored with your bug collection. I was wondering. . .
did you stamp the little guy on the mushroom top on the left or use the digital from Crafty Secrets? I'm unable to locate anything but the digi, so I thought I'd ask!
Great work!!!!!
marcia in colorado

Susan Shuler said...

The bug on top of the left mushroom is an acrylic stamp from Crafty Secrets before they quit selling clear acrylic stamps. All stamps on all three of the pieces are actual stamps - no digital images were used.