Friday, August 3, 2012

Published in Rubber Stamp Madness Fall 2012 Issue

Yes!!  Talk about being excited!   I just received my copy of the new Fall 2012 Issue of Rubber Stamp Madness and I have two cards in this issue.  The one below is published in the "Laughin' USA" article about using humor with stamping on pages 50 through 58.

Opening Day

In the article I explain that my inspiration for this piece is the three main stamps in the scene - the moose leaning against the birch tree with the humorous glint in his eyes and the moose chasing the hunter.  Both stamps are by The Stampin' Place.  The other inspiration stamp is Hollis, the hunter looking off into the distance, oblivious of the animals right behind him.  This is a front and back set of stamps by Art Impressions. 

I live in Michigan's Upper Peninsula surrounded by National and State Forests.  Both hunting and tourism are a major source of income for the local economy.  Each fall brings the annual influx of inexperiencd woodsmen.  I decided to depict a scene in the woods from the humorous point of view of the animals outsmarting the "hunters". 

Stamps used in the scene are:
Art Impressions: Hollis (the hunter in front), tall pines on sides, tent, deer silhouettes, fern, small grass, stone dots, Scrappy (dog in front)
The Stampin' Place: moose leaning against birch tree, moose chasing hunter
Beeswax: log in front, fern in front
PSX: pines in back along horizon
Custer's Last Stamp: raccoon
Unknown: rock with grass in front

The other card, "What's Brewing" is in the Third Coast Rubber Stamps ad on page 1 of the Fall 2012 issue. 

What's Brewing

Third Coast has such fabulous stamps, but I especially love their dragon stamps and decided to put several of them together in a magical Halloween scene.  Halloween and dragons being two of my favorite stamping themes, it was lots of fun combining them into a scene. 

Third Coast stamps used are:
Dragons Aflight - DT-019-I
Dragon Witch - DT-109-K
Dragon Wizard - DT-108-J
Dan the Dragon - DT-011-I
Bubbling Cauldron - CH-600-I
Stone Riser - CH-472-C
Stone Archway - CH-397-L
Crenellated Wall - CH-657-H
What's Brewing - WS-135-CC

Thanks for taking the time to stop by.  Have an awesome weekend.


Kathi said...

Woo-hoo! Congratulations. Both scenes are amazing!

I don't have any Third Coast Dragons.

I think I *need* the witch and wizard.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sue, love Opening Day...have lived through happy for you!


Elizabeth Allan said...

Congrats times two Susan!! It is easy to see why they selected your cards for publication---AMAZING!

Lieselotte said...

Congratulations, Susan! Your cards are so detailed. Fantastic coloring and layouts with everything so perfectly placed.